Watch – History of the modern wrist watch

Starting from around 1950 and ending in the late ’80s, Mr. Pieter Doensen takes you through the influential designers of that era, giving you biographical information on their education and employment, and then takes you through their particularly noteworthy creations in chronological order. So, more than just a watch book, it gives you history on the watch designers. All complimented richly with excellent photography. Doensen starts with the early electro-mechanical movements, explaining the differences through illustration, copies of patent drawings and more photographs. Quartz watches come next at almost the exact middle of the book, moving from quartz controlled motorized watches to the digital displays, both LED and LCD. Subsequent chapters address Automatic Quartz watches, solar powered, Radio controlled and Multi-functional watches. There is something for almost every collector in the multifunction chapter: calculators, alarms, pulse counters, database/memory, chronographers, game, television, temperature and barometer watches. Finally, the last 50 some pages are devoted to batteries and their construction, history of the influential manufacturers, a variety of statistics and list of watch related museums. 253 pages of highly enjoyable reading, filled with hundreds of lush photographs. Don’t be “just a collector”, be an enthusiast, get this “bible” of modern wrist watch history for yourself today!

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