Longines through Time, The Story of the Watch

Longines has created around 50 million watches, not to mention the timepieces designed in the original comptoir. Each model features a unique serial number and its own individual history. Taken all together, each of these individual tales adds up to the tome of the Longines brand’s own history. Ranging from the 19th century to today, Longines’ creations are part of everyday local stories, as well as more universal stories. It’s impossible to discuss aesthetic changes without first mentioning technical progress. Equally, it’s impossible to talk about manufacturing without mentioning advertising and sales. The influence of means of communication and transport, military requirements, and changes in our lifestyles are also elements of Longines’ story. Longines is sharing its singular heritage with enthusiasts of fine timepieces through the brand’s lovingly preserved archives. Anyone with any interest in the history and formation of global affairs and the related objects and values will find this a fascinating read. For over 185 years, Longines has designed not only a way of measuring time, but a philosophy for approaching time as a concept and mastering it. Time is Longines’ reason for being. Longines has its own time.

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