Hamilton Wristwatches: A Reference Guide

Two years in the making, this is the first Hamilton watch identification book to be published in 17 years, since René Rondeau’s 1999 book on mechanical Hamilton watches. This new book contains about 20 previously unknown models or model versions that have come to light through the efforts of dedicated Hamilton collectors who have shared their discoveries through articles and online discussion forums. These include The 1917 0-size Cushion, the 18kt gold Rectangular, the Vancott, and the Model A to name a few. Also, 19 Hamilton-Illinois models made in the mid 1950s are identified, in addition to the so-called M-Series watches made in the early 1960s. The Hamilton electric models are also identified. Perhaps most importantly, quality of the nearly 900 watch images has been greatly improved compared with Rondeau’s book thanks to advancements in digital imaging during the past 17 years. The watch models are completely indexed, and there are special Watch Finder tables to help you identify any given model in three or four easy steps. The book also contains a history of the Hamilton Watch Company.

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